Learn about the full range of our Independent CTO services and products

Non-executive roles

Serving as non-executive tasked with board oversight of technology management strategies and decisions.  This service presents a non-executive role to ensure full legislative compliance and congruence with corporate governance frameworks of technology strategies and decisions.

Technology assessments

Independent assessments of technologies involve strategic analyses of technologies, focusing on intrinsic nature, comparative functional application and performance metrics of targeted technologies.  Recommended to accompany this service is an assessment of technology fit with organizational technology value chains, inclusive of sustainability involving impact upon people, environment, ethics, and finance.  This service comprises of a complete system-based analysis of any particular technology across all of its multiple dimensions, or as client-selected.

Legal support services

  • Drafting of agreements.
  • Assessment of agreements.
  • Management of agreements.
  • Drafting and implementation of policies.
  • Dispute resolution through negotiations, termination agreements, mediation, or arbitration.
  • Formation of business trusts.
  • Serving as independent chair of business trusts.
  • Serving as independent investigator for Section 165 derivative actions involving technology.

Other Independent CTO services

  • Technology "radar screens", based on organizational strategies and incorporating a directed technology intelligence strategy.
  • Board-directed assessments of technology literacy levels.
  • Decision-maker directed technology literacy training/interventions.
  • Decision-maker directed assessments of specific technologies, inclusive of comparative assessments and circularity of materials/components assessments.
  • Environmental scanning for mapping and tracking of technological opportunities.
  • Representations on technology oversight/governance committees.
  • Composition of technology submissions to oversight/governance committees.

  • Decision-maker directed professional CTO shadowing - retainer-based.
  • Serving as CTO - contract-based.