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Independent CTO comprises of a small virtual team of experts collaborating in order to present to the market an ecosystem of CTO services and associated non-executive oversight roles focusing on technology strategies and decisions.  At the helm is Ferdie Lochner, a multi-disciplinary analyst with a Ph.D. in Business and Management Science, focusing on the subject field of technology management.  Supporting all contracts, trusts, derivative actions and associated legal matters are independent and reputable on-line law firm Virtual Lawyers.  

Having served for thirty years as a public servant and academic, Ferdie took early retirement to launch a new ecosystem of services directed at technology strategies and decisions involving non-executive roles and Chief Technology Officer roles. Ferdie also serves as member of the senate of the tertiary institution Concept Interactive, is still active as part-time academic and guest lecturer for the subject field of Technology Ventures at the Namibian University of Science and Technology, serves as company secretary for the Not for Profit organization Mediation in Motion and continues to test innovations as demonstrated through Utunzaji.   Aside from presenting his services  as an accredited mediator, Ferdie also is also enrolled for a Bachelor in Laws degree  through the University of South Africa.